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Resolved CPC Blitz 2022


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I'm not sure if i'm in the right place to ask questions. I purchased the CPC Blitz course in June 2022 and still need access to the course. Is it to late for me to join the CCO club for continued access? Also I have 2022 books do I have to purchase 2023 books? One more question. Thinking of taking the full CPC Course and I have the Bucks 2022 step by step workbook and book, is it a must to have 2023? I have let soooo much time pass me by with life happening and really need to dive back in and get certified!
Yes, you are in the right place. :)

You can join CCO Club here to extend your access.

Should I buy this year's or next year’s Course Textbook?
It doesn’t really matter. We will still be using the same vendor and book title next year so that will not change. Plus, the core content for all our courses barely changes from one year to the next. If there are substantial changes, we will address them as Addendums or re-record chapter lessons if necessary in accordance with our Yearly Update Policy.

If you’re taking the CPC exam after Jan 1st, 2023, you’ll need 2023 manuals since the exam starts using 2023 content on Jan 1st.
Here is the policy direct from the AAPC website:
Since the code sets for each coding book are updated every year, it’s essential for coders to have the current year’s books/manuals to ensure accurate performance. Reporting wrong codes can lead to denied claim submissions and substantial penalization. It’s clearly very important to get an education on the annual code set updates and to obtain new code books every year. All AAPC exams are based on the current calendar year’s code sets, so we strongly suggest you use the current year’s books. The previous calendar year’s books may be used on an exam, but you would be at an obvious disadvantage doing so. The upcoming year’s books are not allowed for exam use (you cannot use 2024 books during 2023). The exams are updated every January for the new code sets. Examinees using their second attempt in the next calendar year will not be permitted to take the previous year’s exam.

2023 ICD-10-CM has 1,176 new codes, 288 deleted codes, and 28 revised codes.
2023 CPT has 225 new codes, 75 deleted codes, and 93 revised codes.

Perfect. It sounds like I'm better off using the current year coding books for testing and the Bucks Workbook/Manuel, I'm good with 2022. Since I purchased the 2022 Review Blitz can I complete that course for 2023 testing as well as the access to the BHAT system for 2022 or do I need to purchase 2023 Review Blitz? I did purchase the CCO club to continue access to the 2022 Blitz. One more question.............Can I use the access code to purchase 2023 coding books? Whew my fingers hurt from typing all these questions!🤦‍♀️:) Thank you so much!
Yes, you should really get the 2023 manuals due to all the changes & new E/M guidelines.

You should be ok with 2022 Buck textbook workbook.

CCO updates yearly so you will get any updates to the Blitz & BHAT for 2023.

Only CCO full-course students get the discount code for manuals we apologize.

I see you are now a club member with access to the Blitz as a CCO Club benefit.

CCO Proven Process:

Exam tip thread in CCO Community

Student Exam tips in CCO Community:

Unofficial online CPC exam FAQ:

We have many free Practice exams available at this link.
We have paid Practice Exams available at https://www.cco.us/ under the Practice Exam menu item
Thank you. When I checked out after signing up for the CCO Club. I purchased the 150 practice exams at a discounted price. Where do I go to access it?