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Resolved ICD 10 Code clarification


New member
Can anyone help me for the following.

What is the ICD 10 code for below three scenarios.

1) Diabetes with HTN
2) Diabetes with Obese.
3) Asthma Exacerbation and Chronic bronchitis

please help me the exact coding


Chief Operations Officer
Staff member
Thanks for posting in the Free Forum. Per the FAQ, we have a "Show the Work" (AKA Provide Your Research) policy on "How Do I Code This?" Style Questions

Please include your proposed answer, guess, theory or research to the coding question. "Showing the work" helps us understand your thought process better and also helps us respond accordingly with the correct information or guidance. Naturally, do not post private patient or company information that can violate HIPAA or company policies.


New member
thanks Jesus. Please find below my understanding. also please correct me if anything.

1) Diabetes with HTN-according to my understanding, DM with circulatory complication would be the right answer.

2) Diabetes with Obese. - Obese is not a complication pf Diabetes, hence we can go ahead with E11.9 alone.

3) Asthma Exacerbation and Chronic bronchitis - Which have a cause and relationship hence we can go ahead with COPD exacerbation J441


Director of Education
Staff member
1. You can code DM /c circulatory complication "If" the provider states the HTN is d/t the DM.
2. I agree. Plus the word "with" usually indicates it is not together.
3. You have Chronic Bronchitis plus asthma and the key word is exacerbation. You have the correct code.