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Resolved HELP Does anyone know this Membership PLUS question


New member
CCO Club Prime
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PBC Course
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Is the Physician Based Medical Coding Course (CPC) available to take for FREE with the CCO Club PLUS Membership purchase?
I am trying to determine whether I should just purchase the CPC course while it is on sale (ends today) OR purchase the Club PLUS Membership (and hopefully still get access to the CPC course).
I want to make sure I can access all of the CPC course materials available, as if I just purchased the course by itself.

And also, if I complete this course within 5 months, can I take another FULL course for FREE (COC or CIC)?

Their website states...
  • Pick Any (1) One Core Credential or Ancillary Course to take while you’re an active member
  • If You Remain Subscribed After Passing the Course, You Can Take Another Course (with No Setup Fee!)

Any clarification would be extremely helpful!

Thank you! Leslie
Well - I signed up for the CCO PLUS Membership and did get an email asking what FREE course I would like to sign up for. And the PBC - Physician Based Coding course was an option! YAY!
I'm hoping to complete within a few months and then after I pass the CPC Exam, I'm hoping to move right into the COC or CIC course and certification as well. Wish me luck!

Has anyone else done this process through the membership plan (studying for 4-5 months, passing exam and moving right along to another course and certification)?
Our program for CCO Plus Membership is rather new. Welcome to the CCO community by the way. The members are exciting. The PBC course is a great one to start with and your plan to jump right into inpatient is a great goal.